Forestry Department FAQ's

Where is my stumpage money from an allotment timber sale?

We get asked this quite often. Payments from a logger go to a lockbox facility in Prescott, Arizona. There, they are documented and then distributed back to the respective agency for distribution.

Who can I call about the status of my stumpage money?

The best place to call would be OST (Office of the Special Trustee). You will need to have your enrollment ID ready. They are the agency that distributes stumpage money. You may want to verify your address with them to ensure checks are being sent to a current address.

* OST – (888) 678-6836

You could also call the BIA-Minnesota Agency Forestry Office in Bemidji. They will be able to tell how much money has been paid into a specific allotment timber sale.

* BIA-Minnesota Agency Forestry Office – (218) 751-2011 extension 407

How do I obtain a free-use fuelwood permit?

Come to the Division of Resource Management. The Forestry Department will issue you a permit. Remember, you must be an enrolled tribal member to get a free-use fuelwood permit.

Do I need a permit to gather on Forest Service, County, or State lands?

Yes. Each agency issues their own permits. Fees are generally charged for permits on other agency lands.

Where can I gather boughs, bark, berries, etc…?

Tribal member can harvest all these things, when they are in season, from any publicly owned lands within the boundaries of the Reservation. Remember that permits are required for the gathering of some things.

How can I go about getting timber harvested on my allotment?

Call the Forestry Department at the DRM at (218) 335-7418 or (218) 335-7435 and we will go look at the allotment and make a determination as to what should be done.

Does the Forestry Department contract out projects?

Yes. In the past year we contracted out site preparation, tree-planting, deer repellent application, forest inventory, plantation release, and pre-commercial thinning projects. Some of these projects have special equipment or education requirements. All of these projects require general liability insurance be carried by the contracted individual.

If you would like to find out if we have any projects available or you would like to be put on an availability list as projects become available, call the Forestry Department at (218) 335-7418 or (218) 335-7435.

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When entering the DRM compound, we are located in the new forestry building along the back fence; offices inside.

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