The Fisheries Program within the Division of Resources Management works to protect and enhance the fisheries and other aquatic resources on the Reservation for current and future generations of tribal members. Approximately half the reservation is covered by lakes, streams, and wetlands, with three of the larger lakes in Minnesota, Leech, Winnibigoishish, and Cass located within our boundaries. There are over 250 names lakes and many miles of navigable streams located on the reservation. The Mississippi River also passes through the Reservation. There are over 50 species of fish found on the Reservation with walleye, northern pike, largemouth bass and panfish the most popular for sportfishing. Tribal members also hold the lake whitefish, a species only found in some of the larger deeper lakes, in high regard.

Most fishing that occurs on the Reservation is in the form of hook and line sport fishing, but tribal members can also take fish by gill net under federal treaty rights that were never relinquished. Under the Conservation Code of the Leech Lake Band, only Leech Lake enrolled members may take game fish by netting for personal family use and they may not be sold. This harvest makes up less than 5% of the total harvest of game fish on the Reservation. Non-game fish such as whitefish, tullibee, suckers, and bullheads can by taken during a commercial netting season and sold.

The Fisheries Section of the Fish, Wildlife, and Plant Resources Program annually undertakes a number of projects to enhance or monitor fish populations in Reservation waters.

Our Priorities

The Department of Fisheries is dedicated to the protection of the fishery on the Leech Lake Reservation .

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