Plant Inventory

The Plant Resources Program recently completed a survey of 5135 acres of high-quality forests on tribal lands of the Leech Lake Reservation. For this project, high quality was defined as relatively undisturbed for fifty years or longer. The baseline ecological data that we collected will be used to assist LLBO in making decisions about land use and land management.

We are also working on a project that aims to understand the variability of wild rice production on the Leech Lake Reservation. Aerial photos of the rice beds have been taken annually since 1993. These photos have been computerized and digitized so that the areal extent of the wild rice can be compared within and between years. To aid photo interpretation, we mapped key rice beds using GPS in 2005 and 2006. We also collected productivity data from these beds: stem density, stem height above water, water depth, and seed number per head. We are developing a long-term monitoring program for wild rice on the Reservation.

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