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The Leech Lake Green Team is a group of employees and community members that get together to promote our traditional teachings, sustainability and green ideas on the Leech Lake Reservation. Some of the Green Team projects include:

  • Food security - using our local foods like farmers markets and growing our own fruits and vegetables
  • Food Sustainability Project - Make sure our community is getting their fresh food needs met and giving them the tools they need like garden education, canning, and similar projects. This project also works with other Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe programs.
  • GIS Food Shed Mapping - The GIS department will create a map that will show soil sampling outcomes and help determine different soil types in the communities. This will ultimately provide community members with successful gardens.
  • Energy Conservation
  • Decreasing waste & promote recycling
  • Composting - Taking all organic material (fruit & vegetable waste, paper, dryer lint, etc.) from your home and turning it into dirt, which can then be used as fertilizer for your lawn, food and flower gardens.
  • Promote reusing existing resources
  • Created a Styrofoam Ban on the Leech Lake Reservation - Styrofoam can last up to 500 years in a landfill, please stop using styrofoam.
  • Works to bring educational trainings to the communities
  • Works with local schools
  • Works with Cass Lake Garden Club
  • Educational booths at local events

Changing a little bit to make a big impact.

The Green Team is open to community members for sustainable ideas that will make our community healthier. Call us for more information.

LLBO Resolutions

LLBO Resolution No. 2009-155: Notification of Delegation Memo Policy (paperless)

LLBO Resolution No. 2009-156: Styrofoam Use and Waste Policy

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