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Acquisition and Disposal, Leasing and Rights-of-way Services Provided:

Acquisition and Disposal

Trust to Trust: Individual heirs are eligible to sell, convey or gift deed their trust (alloted) land, to the Leech Lake Band or other owner in the allotment. (Land Consolidation). The trust land owner must request an Application (to sell, gift deed) in writing, providing name (as enrolled), date of birth, Allotment Nos. or names of parents they inherited from.

Leasing and Rights-of-way

All individual heirs are eligible to lease lands, for residential purposes (25 CFR 162); and any person, company, or government is eligible for rights-of-way and easements, provided 25 CFR 169 is followed, and consents are granted. See "Leases" Section for a sample application. All land use requests whether lease, temporary use permit or right-of-way requests must be approved by all DRM Programs (see Project Review Check Sheet).

Cobell Buy Back Program for Tribal Nations

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