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Trust Estate Planning/Wills/Probates/Land Consolidation Services Provided:

Trust Property is real or personal property (land and money), title to which is held by the United States for the benefit of an enrolled member or tribe.

Restricted Trust Property is held by an enrolled member which may not be sold or leased, etc. without the consent of the Secretary of the Interior.

Wills: any Leech Lake member owning trust property is eligible to make wills. Wills are drafted free for enrolled members owning trust interests.

Probate is the legal process in which a judge determines who will inherit the property of a deceased person according to the State, Tribal or Federal Law or all three. Any deceased Leech Lake enrolled member that owned trust property prior to their death, will be probated and their family information will be gathered by the Leech Lake Land Department.

Indian Land Consolidation Act: Law passed by Congress on January 12, 1983, P.L. 97-459, to eliminate or curtail the small fractionization of trust land.

American Indian Probate Reform Act: Effective 2006, AIPRA affects the distribution of trust land interests.

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