Wild Rice Harvest 2017

The following Rice Beds Will Be OPEN Wednesday, August 30, 2017 and every day after for wild rice harvesting.

Harvesting Hours: sunrise to sunset

Buying hours are each day the wild rice beds are open and they are buying at Ojibwe Fisheries in Cass Lake at $2.00 per pound from LL Band members.  

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1855 Treaty AuthorityDistrict One

Birds Eye Lake
Cow Bay (Bowstring Lake)
Grouse Bay (Bowstring Lake)
Coffee Lake
Cutfoot Sioux
Deer Lake
Humphrey Lake
Mud Lake
Rice Lake
School House Lake
Sioux Lake

District Two

Bear Island
Blackduck Point
Boy Bay
Boy River
Chub Lake
Grassy Point
Lake Loomish
Portage Lake
Red Blanket
Skelly Lake (same as Boy Lake)
Uram Bay
Waboose Bay

District Three

Big Lake
Big Rice Lake
Cass River
Chain O'Lakes
Little Rice Lake
Pimushe Lake
Rice Lake (O.A.)
Spring Lake
Sucker Bay
Swamp Lake
Turtle River

The following remain CLOSED until further notice

Tamarack Point (1)
Headquarters Bay (2)
Hardwood Point (3)
Rabbits Lake (3)
Ravens Bay (3)
Raven Lake (3)

The following rice beds will be OPEN for harvesting on Friday, September 1, 2017 and every day after

District One

Egg Lake
First River
Natures Lake
Pigeon Dam
White Oak
Little White Oak

District Two

Federal Dam

District Three

Minnesota Island
Oak Point Narrows
Ottertail Point
Sand Point
Steamboat Bay
Steamboat Lake
Steamboat River
Sugar Lake
Third River

Please keep in mind that access to some of these areas may be difficult, please let us know if roads may need to be cleared to allow easier access for wild rice harvesters. Thank you.

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