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Air Quality

Here to serve the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, the Leech Lake Air Quality Program started in May 2001 with an Air Quality Specialist and today has grown to add an Air Quality Technician. The Air Program has made outstanding progress addressing a variety of air quality issue.

air quality


Brownfields sites typically include former industrial sites. Some examples include former textile mills, steel plants, tanneries, and concrete manufacturing sites. The newest program to the Leech Lake Environmental Department, Brownfields Grant Program which started in 10-03. The Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe received this grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


General Assistance

The General Assistance Program has several Environmental Quality Objectives.

general assistance

Saving Energy

What can we do in our daily lives to conserve... EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!

saving energy


The Superfund Program is a federally funded federal law dealing with the dangers posed by America's most hazardous waste sites.


Water Resources Program

The Water Resources Program is responsible to ensure that the future of the Band’s water resources are preserved and retained the quality and quantity necessary to continue practicing the inherent traditional, cultural and spiritual life ways of the people.


Green Team

The Environmental Department heads group called the 'Green Team'. The Green Team has regular meetings to discuss ways the group can help make the Leech Lake Reservation more earth friendly.

green team

Kids 4 the Environment

Kids 4 the Environment are pages for kids to use to help them better understand the environment. There are many fun activites and printable pages that will keep the kids coming back to learn about the environment.

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