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Tribal Court • Diversion Court

Diversion is an early intervention program for first time juvenile offenders, ages 10-18, who reside in Cass County. Participation in the Diversion Program is voluntary. You may go to Court if you desire.

Offenses Eligible Diversion

Most petty misdemeanor and misdemeanor offenses are eligible. Certain gross misdemeanor and felony offenses are also eligible. Crimes of violence, burglary and traffic offenses are not referred to this program. The Cass County Attorney determines which cases will be referred to the Diversion Program.

Diversion Goals

  • To provide eligible juveniles with an alternative to getting a juvenile record.
  • To reduce the cost and caseload burdens on Juvenile Courts and the Juvenile Justice System.
  • To minimize the repetition of criminal behavior among juveniles in this program.
  • To promote making amends to the victim of the juvenile's crime.
  • To develop options for eligible offenders that will keep them out of the Juvenile Court System.
  • To guide diverted juveniles and their families towards available resources within the community.

How do I join Diversion?

To participate in Diversion, contact the Diversion Agent to set up a meeting. This meeting can be arranged to fit your schedule, and can take place outside of the Courthouse.

At the time of this first meeting, the Diversion Agent will inform you of the date you will appear before the Diversion Board. This Board is made up of a panel of community support personnel who will establish the conditions of your Diversion Program.

After completing the intake and Board process, you will meet with the Diversion Agent on a weekly basis to help you complete your conditions.

When you complete the Diversion Program successfully, the County Attorney will dismiss the charges against you, and you will NOT have a juvenile record.

Possible Consequences for Your Behavior

  • Community Service Work
  • Verbal/Written Apologies
  • Random Chemical Testing
  • Counseling
  • Chemical Assessments
  • Essays/Reports
  • Mentoring
  • Jail Tours
  • Tutoring
  • Anger Management Skills
  • Mediation