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190 Sailstar Drive NW
Cass Lake, MN 56633

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Area Served

Leech Lake Reservation
Beltrami County
Cass County
Hubbard County
Itasca County


Tribal Court Codes

Our Mission
"To Establish a fair and effective justice system incorporating research-based practices and Ojibwe culture and values;
to protect the rights of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe people;
to preserve natual and Band resources;
and to promote peace, health and public safey within the Leech Lake Reservation."







The following court codes are in printable Adobe pdf format.

Title 1 Judicial Code - Courts
Title 2 Judicial Code - Rules of Procedure
Title 3 Child and Family Protection Code
Title 4 Juvenile Table of Contents
Title 4 Justice - Juvenile Code
Title 5 Taxation Code
Title 6 Family Relations Code - Table of Contents
Title 6 Family Relations Code - Chapter 1 - 10
Title 6 Family Relations Code - Chapter 10A (Parentage)
Title 6 Family Relations Code - Chapter 10B - Child Support Act
Title 6 Family Relations Code - Chapter 10C - Child Support Act
Title 7 Customary Adoption Code
Title 8 Business Corporations Code
Title 9 Secured Transactions Ordinance
Title 10 Probate Code
Title 11 Conservation Code
11 (A) Open Burning, Burn Barrel and Fire Prevention Ordinance
11 (D) Pesticide Control Ordinance
12 Traffic Code
12 (A) Motor Vehicle Code
12 (B) Off Highway Vehicle Code Ordinance
12 (C) Dog Registration and Control of Dangerous Dogs Ordinance
12 (D) Social Host Ordinance
12 (E) Use of Handheld Personal Communication Devices in Motor Vehicles
13 Unlawful Detainer and Judicial Evictions Code
13 (A) Real Estate Mortgages and Foreclosure Ordinance
Title 17 Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (T.E.R.O.)
  95-01 Solid Waste Transportation, Disposal & Recycling Ordinance
Title 19 Domestic Violence
Title 20 Civil Harassment & Stalking