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Recovery Maintenance Program

Relapse Prevention and Recovery Maintenance are both primarily abstinent-based, Culturally Sensitive Adult Treatment Continuumm of Care Programming. It is for clients to identify common challenges in recovery and develop coping skills and strategies for overcoming them. Through integrating group therapy and individual counseling, including Cultural education in Beliefs and Values plus help connecting them with Commintiy Resources that can help the person in the healing process.

Recovery Maintenance (formerly Aftercare) provides a curriculum that includes Cultural 'Traditional Tools of Healing' blended in with a continuing review of Relapse Prevention education, and utilizing community resources. This group also focuses on AA/NA (steps 6-12) Philosophies with Native American Principles. The program facilities a semi- (Talking Circle) that involves self-disclosure of how thay are maintaining sobriety and sustaining the positive skills to prevent substance use, which encourages the group to provide constructive input/feedback and learn from each other. It also gives opportunity for motivating support and develop communication skills.

Weekly/daily inventory of (step 10) monitoring materials and possibly other group assignments may be completed each weeks during client education. Practicing Cultural Spirituality for example; "Smuding" is part of their Therapeutic Activity, and it's optional for them to participate. Videos of 'Historic' content are viewed periodically with discussion, to help the client understand perspecitve of: 'why we are' and 'where we are' today, then 'what vision' is our future. Helping them be positive role models for the young. Sociey and times change, but living the same principles our ancestors lived by, will help us maintain sobriety and gain strength Spiritually. We periodically, take monthly trips to attend area Sobriety Feasts and Speaker meetings which are a part of each client's support to their recovery environment. This is encourages for them to gain support, interact and socialize with recovering people. Other exampoles of Cultural Teaching to help the client maintain sobirety may be learned throught reading material about the "Well briety and the 7 philosophies, Teaching of the Medicine Wheel and the 12 steps, Anishinaabe - 7 Teachings, etc.

The 2nd half of our group session generally brings in a "Guest Speaker" (Elders, Spiritual Advisors, Cultural Leaders or Educatiors) to volunteer their time to share their Gifts of Knowledge and Wisdom to the gorup of Anishinaabe Traditions and Teaching. This helps the client apply these as coping skills / strategies to prevent chemical use.

Requirements of Service

Step down system - Equivelant to approximately 1 year:

Group A - minimum 6 weekly meetings, then step down to;
Group B - for 4 bi-weekly group sessions, then step down to;
Group C - for a minimum of 2 monthly group sessions, then step down to;
Group D - 2 bi-monthly group sessions, then step down to;
Group E - 1 Tri-monthly group session.

All to include 1:1 individual therapy including possible service coordination. This program is up to 12 months, pending progress and accomplishing goals in their individualized Recovery Plan.

Eligibility Requirements

Indiviuals are referred into these programs from recommendations from a Rule 25 or a CD Primary Treatment Care Provider.


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