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Relapse Prevention Program

Relapse Prevention and Recovery Maintenance are both primarily abstinent-based, Culturally Sensitive Adult Treatment Continuumm of Care Programming. It is for clients to identify common challenges in recovery and develop coping skills and strategies for overcoming them. Through integrating group therapy and individual counseling, including Cultural education in Beliefs and Values plus help connecting them with Commintiy Resources that can help the person in the healing process.

Relapse Prevention provides components of a curriculum that includes an emphasis on the relapse process. Persons will gain knowledge that relapse is not the event of using drugs/ alcohol, but it starts long before using occurs. Early recognition and identification of personal warning signs, symptoms, and other triggers that create the urges and cravings to use - is important for the client to understand recidivism and relapse issues. They will develop insight and build strength to help improve awareness and identify the risk factors to prevent substance abuse. Implementing coping skills and strategies in personal recovery to prevent relapse are few of the basic ingredients towards helping them learn how to prevent use.

This program is intermediate in intensity in between Optx and Recovery Maintenance. This program is comprised of structured 1 day per week, 2 hour sessions, with a curriculum that blends Culture with the abstinent-based model of recovery. The program utilizes group and individual therapy.

Participants will gain more knowledge and awareness of another effective coping stategy used in 'Traditional Ways and Teachings' from Community Members that come in to Speak. Examples of group discussions: identify high-risk situations and social pressures including other trigger and symptoms. Few more examples of issues covered are: anger and how it can be a trigger, but how to manage and cope wit it in sobriey, stress management, nutrition, balancing lifestyle- (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually), recreation and leisure time activities. Seeking help and finding a Sponsor Attending AA/NA meetings or other self-help groups.

Once the client completes Relapse Prevention programming, they may be referred into Recovery Maintenance for our Continuum of CD services.

Eligibility Requirements

Indiviuals are referred into these programs from recommendations from a Rule 25 or a CD Primary Treatment Care Provider.


  • Referral needed
  • Call for more information

Responsibilities of Clients include:

  • Mininum requirement of services will be 12 weeks (3 months).
  • 1:1 Individual Therapy Sessions
  • Subject to Random UA's
  • Attend Group
  • + more