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Youth Division
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Herschel Ogema
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Mailing Address
190 Sailstar Drive NW
Cass Lake, MN 56633

Physical Location
Facility Center
16126 John Moose Dr.
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Sports and Recreation

We offer activities for area youth. Some of our activities include:

Baseball, T-ball, Basketball, Kickball, Football, Boxing, Canoeing, Yoga, Rock Climbing, Walk/Run, Playground Exercise, Open Gym.

Cultural Activities
Drum & Dance, Sugar Camp, Ricing, Daughters of Tradition, Sons of Tradition, Basket Making, Learn Medicinal Plants, Talking Circles, Deer Hunting, Fishing, Netting & Trapping, Ojibwe is taught and spoken.

After school tutoring, computer labs, reading to elders, post secondary, alcohol & drug awareness and prevention.

Eligibility Requirements
Boys and girls ages 8-18.

To participate in our programs please call or walk in for more information.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Please Note:

Alternative activities if it rains, snows or gets too hot or cold.