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Monday - Thursday
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Ball Club Fitness Ctr

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Diabetes Fitness Center

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Fitness Center LogoOur mission is to provide a quality and creative approach to individual and community based exercise programming to ultimately control and prevent diabetes in our community.

Also note: person(s) do not need to have Diabetes to use the fitness center.

Membership includes

  • Orientation with fitness equipment - Those who have diabetes will have priority on any of the exercise machines
  • Fitness assessments, personal exercise plans
  • Personal training sessions
  • Group exercise classes - Click here for current class schedule >
  • Fitness challenges with incentives
  • Annual memorial walk/run
  • Monitor blood sugar pre/post exercise (if needed)
  • Monitor blood pressure pre/post exercise (if needed)
  • Help obtain medical clearance (if needed)
  • Locker room with showers
  • Pool use at Palace and Northern Lights Casinos

Eligibility Requirements

Open to all community members

Documents Requested

Medical Clearance - fitness staff will determine if person(s) need a medical clearance from their provider before fitness center use.

Free Membership

It is our policy that you MUST show proof* of one (1) of the eligibility requirements.

  • Persons of minimum 1/4 blood quantum of recognized tribal affiliation.
  • Current employee of the LLBO, MCT, LL Gaming, Tribal Police, LLTC or IHS

* (1) photo Tribal ID, (2) photo Work Badge, (3) IHS letterhead prescription from provider, (4) a letter from MCT/Tribe stating your blood quantum, (5) letter from supervisor stating current employment (6) current check stub.

Those who do not qualify for a free membership will pay:

Individual Membership Family Membership
1 day pass $5.00
1 week $15.00
1 month $30.00
3 months $75.00
6 months $130.00
12 months $240.00
Immediate family ONLY.

1 month $50.00
3 months $125.00
6 months $220.00
12 months $340.00

Fees are nonrefundable & nontransferable.

Method of payment

Cash or check

Gym Rules

  • Diabetic clients have first priority on the equipment
  • Use equipment at your own risk
  • Sanitize equipment after use
  • Return all equipment after use and re-rack your weights
  • No horseplay allowed
  • Appropriate footwear required while using equipment and lifting weights
  • Know your limits; use a spotter as needed
  • No gym bags, coats, etc. on gym floor; use lockers and coat rack
  • Not responsible for lost or stolen items; locks available upon request
  • No food allowed on the gym floor
  • All liquids must be in containers with lids
  • For safety reasons, no children under 10 allowed
  • Be considerate of others

Code of Behavior

All fitness center participants are required to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Inappropriate language (swearing, derogatory terms, etc.), inappropriate behavior and harassment are not allowed on the premises. Proper use of the equipment is required. If you do not know how to operate the machines, the fitness staff will be happy to assist you. There is a zero tolerance policy when it comes to horseplay in the fitness center and on the machines. You will be asked to leave if you do not follow the Code of Behavior and Gym Rules!

Age Restrictions

  • Children 13 and under must have an adult with to supervise them during each visit.
  • Children 11 and under must have a medical clearance on file.
  • For safety reasons, no children under 10 allowed.
  • Young adults 14-17, who do not follow the Gym Rules and Code of Behavior, will need to have an adult accompany them on future visits.


Lockers are available for your use while working out; there is no overnight storage. If you want to use a lock, you can sign one out, free of charge, from the Fitness Staff. Showers are also available. You must provide your own towel and shower supplies.

Pool Agreement

The Leech Lake Diabetes Fitness Program has an agreement with the Palace and Northern Lights Hotels for members of the Fitness Center to use their pools free of charge. You must obtain signed documents from the Fitness Staff to bring to the hotel. All rules and regulations of the hotel pool must be followed and will be enforced.

Medical Clearance

If the Health History Questionnaire identifies a medical condition, you must have a medical clearance to exercise. Please ask Fitness Staff for a blank copy of our medical clearance form for your medical provider to fill out.