Carri Jones, Tribal Chair; Second Quarter Newsletter - 2015
Boozhoo and season greetings from the Tribal Chair’s Office! We hope you and your families enjoyed the holiday season! We have many exciting updates and news to bring our Band members as we stay warm throughout the winter. The Band looks forward to another successful New Year as we ring in 2015!
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Arthur LaRose, Secretary/Treasurer; Quarterly Report - Jan. 9, 2015
Leech Lake State of the Band Address 2014
To the band membership, this report gives basic information on the financial state of the band. The band’s finances change as we move through the year and there are issues that impact our finances. We never have enough resources to meet all the needs but we all have to continue to work to improve the lives of the band membership as a whole.
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Quarterly Report - January 2015
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Quarterly Report - January 2015
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