2017 Rebate Check Information - Band Members, 18 years and older
If you have moved in the past year, please make sure you update your address in Enrollment. You must send in a signed Enrollee Address Update Request and a Form W-9.  All updates will be accepted until 10/31/2017. Checks will be distributed at designated locations and mailed if they are not picked up. More information will be available soon. Detailed announcement >
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Leech Lake Tribal Police Department Implements Body Worn Cameras

The Leech Lake Tribal Police Department has implemented Body Worn Cameras. At this time 30 cameras have been issued to officers throughout the department with 6 cameras used on a daily basis. The Body Worn Cameras are used throughout the entire Leech Lake Reservation.
LLTPD Body Worn Camera Directives >

Leech Lake News & Notices
The Cobel Settlement
Deadline is Nov. 27, 2017
See name list here >
Arnold Kingbord
Arnold Kingbird wins 2017 Congressional Art Competition
DeBahJiMon, page 3 >
Annual Consumer Confidence Reports on all 7 LLBO water systems, see Sanitation >

Leech Lake News & Notices
The MCT Tables Referendum on Blood Quantum, page 2 >
BugONayGeShig Time Lapse Construction
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distict I Community
distict I Community
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