Carri Jones, Tribal Chair Quarterly Report
Secretary of the Interior Tours BugONayGeShig School
Aaniin! We encourage all of our Band members to go for a walk outside to enjoy the beautiful fall colors that our forests showcase each Autumn season. The Tribal Chair’s Office has many new projects and updates to share with our Band members as the warm weather turns cold and the fall foliage begins to turn.
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Arthur LaRose, Secretary/Treasurer Quarterly Report
Leech Lake State of the Band Address 2014
When elected, I said I would work to keep the people informed of issues and efforts as we move forward. I have had 3 months in office as the Secretary/Treasurer and have been busy finding out where the band is financially. We ended FY2014 with an ongoing cash flow shortage and over spending that cut our reserves from $11 to 7 million.
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Leech Lake Notices
Thanksgiving Holiday
Gov. Office Closings
11/27&28/14• 8am-4:30pm
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Tribal Gathering Rights
Gathering Firewood
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