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District I

Penny De Vault
District I Representative

Penny DeVault, District I Representative Government Building
190 Sailstar Drive
Cass Lake, MN 56633
(218) 335-8200

Executive Assistants: 
Sarah Wakanabo (218) 335-4444
Sondra Dahl (218) 335-3772

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District I Communities Served

Ball ClubDeer RiverIngerS LakeWinnie Dam
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Quarterly Assemblies held in alternating communities to address concerns.

Health, Human Services, and Education Subcommittee-Tribal Executive Committee
Native Youth Alliance of Minnesota Board Member
Community Drug Awareness and Prevention Task Force Member
Indian Child Welfare Commission Member
Tribal Nations Education Committee Member
LLBO Gaming Commission Member

Special Concerns
Youth Advocacy
Elder Advocacy

Biographical Information
Date of Birth: 6/28/1976                                                        Gender:  Female
Birth Place: Duluth, Minnesota                                              Religion: Traditional
Community of Residence:  Winnie Dam

General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.)
Leech Lake Tribal College, Associates of Arts Degree
Bemidji State University, Pursuing a B.A. in Indian Studies

Family Relationships
Parents:  Beverly and Robert De Vault
Children:  Adam, Jillian and Joshua

Executive Summary

The newly elected Leech Lake Reservation Business Committee, District I Representative Penny DeVault had instituted the District I Quarterly Meetings that follow one week after the RBC Quarterly Meetings. The mission of the District I Representative DeVault, the five (5) Local Indian Councils and community was to develop a strategic plan that outlined the projects and priorities.  District I Representative DeVault stated, “The District I communities have not seen many projects in the last 20 years or the people’s priorities were never addressed.  We had decided to develop the District I Projects and Priorities so these ideas are not forgotten.”

The first District I Quarterly meeting was conducted on October 10, 2014 at the Inger Community Center.  District I Representative DeVault and team had placed sheets of paper on the wall.  The five Local Indian Councils and community members were asked to list their projects and priorities for the first ever community strategic planning.  After five hours, the sheets were collected and tabulated by the District I office.

At the second meeting for the District I Quarterly meeting was on January 16, 2015 at the Ball Club Community Center.  District I Representative and team had called a round circle of the five Local Indian Councils.  The Local Indian Councils had reviewed the tabulated projects and priorities established by the community and Local Indian Councils at the previous meeting.  District I Representative DeVault had requested that the Local Indian Councils prioritize the Projects & Priorities.

The final process was the Local Indian Councils that have monthly meetings would duly approve the specific District I Projects & Priorities.  This process had continued on from February of 2015 through March 23, 2015.  The intent was to memorialize the strategic planning session of the five Local Indian Councils as they officially approved Projects & Priorities in a master plan.  District I Representative DeVault is finalizing the master plan for the publication of the Projects and Priorities of Ball Club, Deer River, Inger, S. Lake and Winnie Dam communities.

Leech Lake District I Projects & Priorities

I. Ball Club Community has the Top 8 Selected and Other Ideas:

  1. Renovate and Expand Community Center
  2. Restore Pow Wow Area and Stands
  3. Repair Elderly Nutrition Program Facility
  4. Community Center with Wi-Fi Access
  5. Swimming Hole by the Water Tower
  6. Cultural Education with Regalia Making
  7. Construct a Picnic Pavilion
  8. Playground Equipment Maintenance
  9. All Other Ideas: Education Outreach Programs, Tribal Law Community Ed. Class, Increase Street-lighting, Pedestrian Crosswalk, Basketball Court Maintenance, Village Christmas Tree, Wrestling Program, Community Water Program, Clean Energy, community Band for Drug Activity, Expand & Increase Clinic Staffing, Hawk Street Park Lawn Mowing, Elder Advocate, Daycare, Improve Snow Plowing Schedule and Install “Slow Children at Play” Signs.

II. Deer River Community has the Top 7 Selected and Other Ideas:

  1. Land Acquisition
  2. Community Center – House for Sale
  3. Faster Delivery of DeBahJiMon Newspaper
  4. Expand KOJB Radio Signal
  5. Traditional Gatherings/Pow Wow Grounds
  6. Purchase Deer River Tire & Auto Building
  7. LLTC – Educational Outreach Programs for Youth Enrichment Activities and Cultural Education will include Regalia Outfit-making, Drum Classes and Traditional Drum-making.

III. Inger Community has the Top 5 Selected and Other Ideas:

  1. Expand Community Center
  2. Convenience Store
  3. Land Acquisition – In Progress
  4. LLTC – Education Outreach Programs will Youth Enrichment Activities and Drum Group
  5. Basketball Court Maintenance – In Progress
  6. All Other Ideas: Expand & Improve Pow Wow Arena is In Progress, Increase number of Bridge & Park Street Lights, Walking Trail is In Progress and Village Christmas Tree is Completed.

IV. S. Lake Community has the Top 8 Selected and Other Ideas:

  1. New Community Center
  2. Jack William’s Building
  3. Community Center Expansion
  4. Pow Wow Arena
  5. Playground
  6. Fishing Dock Renovation
  7. Walking Trail
  8. Fitness Center
  9. All Other Ideas: Replace Community Center Furnace, S. Lake Homesteads, Round Lake & S. Round Lake, Cemetery Upgrade, Wi-Fi Computer Access, Picnic Pavilion with Grills, Street Lights & Signage, 2 LLBO Flags, Land Acquisitions, RV Trailer Park and Education Outreach Programs.

V. Winnie Dam Community has the Top 8 Selected and Other Ideas:

  1. Community Center
  2. Basketball Court
  3. Daycare
  4. Septic Tank
  5. Wi-Fi Computer Access
  6. Youth Activities
  7. Fundraising
  8. Community Growth & Involvement
  9. All Other Ideas: Education Outreach Programs, Street Lights & Signage, Pavilion, Pow Wow Arena, Walking Trail, Health & Wellness Center and Fitness Center.

Final Steps in Achieving the District I Projects and Priorities:

District I Representative DeVault, the five Local Indian Councils and community will have a master plan of the District I Projects and Priorities.  The strategic planning that was completed by the five Local Indian Council communities has been memorialized by official action of the elected community members. 

District I Representative DeVault was recently approved for a new community center in S. Lake, awarded two grants to do community education for regalia making, and working with the divisions, programs and services that receive funding for the communities.  Penny has conducted many meeting and attended other meetings with grant funding agencies to find funding for the District I Projects and Priorities.

In addition, the District I Representative DeVault has directed the divisions and programs to write grants, provide plans for some of the projects, replace street lights, address crosswalks and inspect buildings that the community has an interest with purchasing.  In the near the future, the RBC will be determining if they are going to build more playgrounds this summer.  Penny will continue to pursue grant opportunities and developing project plans for the five communities in District I.